August 21, 2014

A Look at the 2014 La Conca di San Rocco in Astoria, Queens

Evviva San Rocco!
Photos by New York Scugnizzo
By Giovanni di Napoli

This year, my friends and I celebrated the Feast Day of Saint Rocco in Astoria, Queens with the Orsogna Mutual Aid Society. Warmly welcomed, we were invited to partake in the festivities and share the day with them. 

Nearly 200 people returned to the old neighborhood to honor their beloved patron. It was a real treat to see some of the rites and customs of Orsogna, Chieti still performed, including the carrying of la conca (large copper pots) on the ladies' heads. Beautifully decorated with flags and flowers, the pots were traditionally used to carry water from a well or fountain back to their homes.

After the Procession we returned to the clubhouse for Mass, which was celebrated in Italian by Father Barozzi. This was followed by a wonderful dinner party with plenty of food, music and laughs. We want to thank President Antonio Ferrari and the members of Orsogna MAS for their kindness and hospitality; we had a terrific time.

Filomena Di Rico Fosco
The Procession makes its way down 18 Street
Some women carry la conca on their heads
To carry the Saint is a special honor 
The Color Guard lead the way
Michael Aromando and the Metropolitan Festival Band 
After the Procession la conca are placed at the foot of San Rocco
There was a fantastic turnout for the Feast
After Mass President Antonio Ferrari thanked everyone for their contributions