August 28, 2019

Evviva Santa Rosalia! A Look at the 43rd Annual Feast of Santa Rosalia in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn (Part 1)

Weeknight Veneration and Street Fare
Festive street lights line the Avenue
Photo by New York Scugnizzo
See part 2
The outdoor chapel on 18th Avenue, between 71st and 72nd Streets
(Above & below) The chapel is adorned with flowers  
Marino watches over la Santuzza, the Little Saint
Our dear friends Angelo and Stephen
(L) Venerating our beloved patroness. (R) A grim detail of the statue
(Above & below) I never miss an opportunity
to enjoy Lucy's hot peppers and 
Sfincione, Sicilian focaccia topped with tomatoes, onions and anchovies
After saying our prayers and dinner, we explored the festive fairgrounds

Photo of the Week: Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta in Positano

Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta in Positano, Amalfi Coast
Photo by New York Scugnizzo

August 23, 2019

Viva San Rocco! A Look at the 130th Annual Feast of St. Rocco in Little Italy, New York (Part 3)

The Procession Through Little Italy
Viva San Rocco!
Photos by New York Scugnizzo
See Part 1, Mass and Opening Ceremony, Part 2, The Procession through Chinatownand The 2019 San Rocco Triduum
Our friends from Aliquippa, PA joined in the festivities 
(Above & below) Still going strong,
the procession makes its way up Mulberry Street
(L) The Color Guard. (R) Along the route people make donations
Danny Vecchiano and the Giglio Band
(Above & below) We made many stops along the way 
As always, our friends from E. Rossi & Company,
De Palo's, and Alleva made generous offerings 
Some watched the procession pass from the comfort of their homes,
while others carried
 traditional wax ex-voto
(Above & below) Nearing the end of the long procession,
we made one final stop at Da Nico's for some pizza and refreshments
Andrew, Carmine and Bruno 
Rosanna and John 
John and Rocco
(Above & below) We return to Most Precious Blood with much fanfare
The statue is returned to Most Precious Blood Church
Peppino's from Bay Ridge generously donated
trays of delicious southern Italian 
(Above & below) After dinner and a brief rain shower, partygoers enjoyed a very competitive game of “pass the provolone,” a humorous take on “hot potato,” where the winner gets to keep the cheese  
Salvatore LaRocca was this year's big winner

August 22, 2019

Viva San Rocco! A Look at the 130th Annual Feast of St. Rocco in Little Italy, New York (Part 2)

The Procession Through Chinatown
Viva San Rocco!
Photos by New York Scugnizzo
(L) After Mass, donations are pinned on to the statue. (R) Stephen and Lucia pose with our dear friends from the St. Joseph Society of Lodi, New Jersey
The color guard are raring to go
These little rascals are all set to pull the cinte, or candle house
(Above & below) The procession departs Most Precious Blood Church and Little Italy
(Above & below) Making our way through Chinatown
A good time was had by all
The Cordi family are all smiles
We briefly stopped by the Church of the Transfiguration for blessings by Fr. Lo
Inside, we visit the statues of San Rocco and the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Giorgio and John
Vinny and Rocco
Matt and Peter
(L) The kids did a terrific job conveying the cinte, or candle house. 
(R) Our friends from the Figli Maria SS. Addolorata show their support
(Above & below) Members of the St. Joseph Society of Lodi, New Jersey
carried the statue from St. James Church to St. Joseph's Church
Andrew enjoys some homemade zeppoli
Mrs. Mavrianos showers San Rocco with rose petals outside St. Joseph's Church
Paul Tocci and family generously provided beverages for thirsty participants 
Revelers dance the tarantella outside the old Vanella Funeral Chapel 
(Above & below) The procession heads back to Little Italy