August 15, 2014

A Look at the 2014 Feast of the Giglio di Sant’Antonio, East Harlem, New York

The Giglio di Sant’Antonio 
Photos courtesy of Bobby Maida
Thank you Bobby Maida for sharing your Feast photos with us! Disappointed I couldn’t make the celebration this year, I’m happy to see that everyone had a fantastic time. My friends told me I missed a great one; your pictures prove it. To see more of Bobby’s wonderful photos visit
After Mass, members of the Giglio Society of East Harlem return Saint Anthony to the outdoor chapel
(Above & below) Capo paranza Johnny Z is a whirlwind of passion & intensity
A labor of love and devotion
Proud Bruscianese!
Marching towards historic Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church
Tenor Jimmy Alleva and the Giglio Band keep the giglio rockin’ 
(Above & Below) The Giglio Girls show their devotion to Saint Anthony
The giglio makes its way down East 115th Street 
A couple of lucky stowaways hitch a ride on the giglio
JoJo, Jehna and Jess show their support
A good time was had by all
Our pal Bobby, with one of his many admirers