June 18, 2021

Feast of San Calogero

San Calogero, ora pro nobis
June 18th is the Feast of San Calogero, Calcedonian hermit and miracle worker. Widely venerated throughout Sicily, he is one of the principal patrons of Sciacca (AG), Torretta (PA), San Salvatore di Fitalia (ME), and Agrigento (AG), among others. In celebration, I'm posting a Prayer to San Calogero. The accompanying photo of the statue of San Calogero was taken at the Societá San Calogero di Torretta clubhouse (7520 20th Ave.) in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Evviva San Calò!
Prayer to San Calogero
O glorious San Calogero, turn your gaze to us and hear our prayer. You have been sent by God to radiate in Sicily the light of the Gospel. You served with penance to seek God in the solitude. You taught the way of salvation and virtue. All call upon thee miracle worker, because by your intercession God gave speech to the dumb, health to the sick, hearing to the deaf and sight to the blind. Save us from danger and grant the graces we ask of you. Amen