October 12, 2021

Feast of Blessed Carlo Acutis

Beato Carlo Acutis, ora pro nobis

When we face the sun we get a tan...but when we stand before Jesus in the Eucharist we become saints. ~ Blessed Carlo Acutis

October 12th is the Feast of Blessed Carlo Acutis (May 3, 1991 – October 12, 2006), “Cyberapostle of the Eucharist." A computer enthusiast, young Carlo designed Miracles List: The Eucharistic Miracles of the World, a website devoted to cataloging Eucharistic miracles around the world. Dying from leukemia in 2006, he took a major step towards sainthood after Pope Francis approved a miracle attributed to him. Carlo was Beatified in Assisi, Italy on Saturday, October 10, 2020. 

In celebration, I’m posting a Prayer for the Canonization of Blessed Carlo Acutis. Pictured is my little makeshift shrine. Evviva Beato Carlo Acutis!

Prayer for the Canonization of Blessed Carlo Acutis

Dear Father, Who has given us the ardent testimony of the young Blessed, Carlo Acutis, who made the Eucharist the core of his life and the strength of his daily commitments so that everybody may love You above all else, let him soon be counted among the Saints in Your Church.

Confirm my Faith, nurture my Hope, strengthen my Charity, in the image of young Blessed Carlo, who, growing in these virtues, now lives with You.

Grant me the grace I really need…

I trust in You, Father, and your Beloved Son Jesus, in the Virgin Mary, our Dearest Mother, and in the intervention of Your servant, Blessed Carlo Acutis.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be