June 3, 2021

Feast of San Cono da Teggiano

San Cono da Teggiano, ora pro nobis
June 3rd is the Feast of San Cono, Benedictine monk and confessor. Patron saint of Teggiano (formally Diano), a small town in the province of Salerno, he is invoked against earthquakes, plague and protection in battle. In celebration, I'm posting a Prayer to Saint Cono. The photo was taken at the San Cono Society clubhouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Evviva San Cono da Teggiano!
Prayer to Saint Cono
O Glorious Saint Cono, innocent angel of purity burning with Holy Love, I humbly kneel before you and together with all those devoted to you I offer you the most sincere affection of my heart.
Your burning love towards God and your fellow man was foretold by the cone of flames and merited your supernatural deliverance from the fiery furnace. Help us as you have helped so many and pray for us always, but especially in this hour of needs.
Guide us and protect us from the snares of the Devil, bless us and our loved ones, and help to keep us all in God's graces, so like you, may we be inflamed by God's love until we meet in Heaven our true home, where you now behold the Glorious Trinity, on God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.