February 1, 2016

Sunday of the Scarves

The War Against Neapolitan Identity Continues
Photo courtesy of www.calciomercato.napoli.it
By Giovanni di Napoli
As Partenopei fans filed into San Paolo Stadium on Sunday to see their beloved Napoli take on Empoli, authorities confiscated scarves bearing images of the Bourbon coat of arms. Inexplicably deemed “offensive,” stewards (with police support) at the Curva B entrance seized all scarves from men, women and children with the heraldic symbol of the pre-unification rulers of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and deposited them (like our history) into trash bins.
In what now is being sarcastically called the “Sunday of the Scarves,” one cannot help but see the hypocrisy and double standards against the people of the south. Not only are the historical and traditional symbols of other regions (e.g. the Lion of Venice, the Fleur-de-Lys of Florence, the Capitoline Wolf of Rome, etc.) not being curtailed (nor should they), abusive and derogatory chants in the terraces aimed at southerners continue unabated. It would seem that the rediscovery of our particular historical and cultural heritage is considered more “offensive” than the insults regularly hurled at southerners.  
Perhaps its a good sign; local pride has seen such a dramatic rise in recent years that we can no longer just be ignored and ridiculed, now our symbols must be suppressed. This means the precarious facade is crumbling; the south is rising again. Now we need to start seeing our symbols appear at other stadiums and venues across the south. Napoli capitale nostra!
Graphic courtesy of New York Scugnizzo
* * *
For the record, Napoli beat the Tuscan side 5-1 and remain in first place in Serie A. They face Lazio next. Forza Napoli!