December 31, 2015

Our Top Ten Posts of 2015

A look back at some of our favorite moments of 2015: The translation of San Rocco & San Vincenzo; Southern Italian Halloween costume ideas; Festa di San Rocco in Astoria, Queens; and the Feast of Saints Cosma and Damiano in NYC
01 Honoring Francesco II di Borbone in New York City
02 Celebrating Faith, Family and Culture: An Interview With Domenic Varuzza
03 Eboli — A Hidden Gem in Southern Italy
04 Hellenic Dawn: The Coming of the Greeks to Southern Italy
05 A Brief Sketch: Onorio Ruotolo
06 The Farchie Festival of Fara Filiorum Petri, A Light Against the Darkness
07 The Ides of August, Diana and the Nemoralia
08 Celebrating the Feast of Saint George with the Sacred Constantinian Military Order of Saint George
09 This Day in History: Alfonso V of Aragon Conquers Naples
10 The Bicentennial of the Death of Gioacchino Murat

Close, but no cigar:
The Light of Southern Italy and Drawn to the Light deserve honorable mention. Perhaps if these posts had as much “air-time” as some of the others they may have made our Top Ten list.  
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