October 29, 2015

Drawn to the Light

Exhibit at the Italian Cultural Institute Showcases 19th-Century "Neapolitan School" of Painting
Testa femminile di profilo con cappellino (Female Head with Hat)
by Giuseppe De Nittis (Barletta, 1846-Saint Germain, 1884)
Considering how rare exhibitions showcasing southern Italian artists are (and how spectacular this one is), how could I not return to the Italian Cultural Institute (686 Park Avenue) in Manhattan one more time before The Light of Southern Italy closes on November 5th?

For fun (and to help persuade readers to visit), I'm posting a few photos I took at the show. — Giovanni
Mercato (Market) by Carlo Brancaccio (Naples, 1861-1920)
Al mercato (At the Market) by Vincenzo Migliaro (Naples, 1858-1938)
(Left) S. Eligio (St. Elegius, Naples) by Carlo Brancaccio (Naples, 1861-1920)
and (right) Case rustiche e filatrici (Rustic houses and spinners)
by Rubens Santoro (Mongrassano, 1859-Naples, 1942)
Lavori di casa (Housework)
by Vincenzo Volpe (Grottaminarda, 1855-Naples, 1929)