June 2, 2009

Up the Devolution! Two Sicilies, One People

We the people of Southern Italy stand united and proclaim our right to self-determination. The South’s seven regions—
Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia and Sicilia—comprise our beloved Fatherland (Patria). We are a distinct people with our own culture and our own heritage. We revel in our local traditions, languages and beliefs; and it is our ethnic particularism that constitutes the basis of our national community—a historic community rooted in the immortal principles of kinship, family, faith, loyalty, honor and duty.
We can no longer tolerate the debilitating union that suppresses our regional and local identities. We are unconditionally opposed to the Centralized State and its imposition of global conformity. This morally bankrupt way of life, based on corruption, debauchery and avarice, forcefully levels our populace into units of production and consumption, cogs in a machine where material possessions are the measure of one’s self-worth and success. 

The plutocrats orchestrated economic underdevelopment to disenfranchise the Southern Italian people and sustain their financial dominance. The corrupt system provided northern industries with a dependent market for their goods, a steady supply of cheap labor and inexpensive agricultural products. This materialistic worldview has produced disproportionate economic inequality resulting in dire demographic changes, criminal excess, utopian delusions, class warfare and false claims of progress. We reject the culture of greed, decadence and hatred perpetrated by predatory capitalists, international “banksters,” godless Marxist, media moguls and corrupt politicians.

History has been rewritten at our expense. We have been demonized and denied the simplest of honors; our language, our culture and our history are being stripped from us. Even the dignity of our ancestry is denied with unfounded comparisons to the Bedouin and fellah peoples of Africa meant to demean and ridicule as well as legitimize the colonization of Southern Italy.

But the greatest tragedy inflicted was the dispersion of millions of us from our homeland. In search of “work and bread” the oppressed sons and daughters of the South migrated, often to hostile lands, to enrich the infrastructure, agriculture and industries of foreign countries (including Northern Italy), while their own native soil languished in poverty. The descendants of these migrants, like exiles, are denied the sacred privilege of living in their ancestral homeland, a homeland now being repopulated with disparate peoples from the Maghreb and the Levant by a centralized government more concerned with the global economy and so-called “human rights” than with the wellbeing of its own people.

We are dedicated to the defense of our ancestral homeland and our people, at home and abroad. We believe there is more to life than material possession and consumption. We desire a society free of corruption and dedicated to the advancement of our people. We must build academic and cultural institutions based on our austere traditions with leadership that is conducive to the people’s well being that will facilitate education and the arts, improve the physical and moral health of the people and preserve the environment in which we live. In the spirit of our ancestors we shall rebuild our homeland for the sake of the coming generations. Forza e onore!

~ Giovanni di Napoli, June 1st, Feast of Sant'Annibale Maria di Francia