August 15, 2018

Feast of the Madonna di Pierno

Ave Maria
August 15th is the Feast Day of the Madonna di Pierno, Patroness of San Fele in Provincia di Potenza in Basilicata. To commemorate the occasion I'm posting A Prayer to Our Lady of the Assumption of Pierno. The accompanying photo of the Madonna di Pierno was taken at Saint Joachim Roman Catholic Church in Trenton, New Jersey (Photo courtesy of Anthony Scillia).
A Prayer to Our Lady of the Assumption of Pierno
Most holy Virgin Mary, you inspired St. William of Vermicelli to erect at the summit of Mt. Pierno a temple in your honor and reign from this throne of grace throughout the centuries as our Queen and Mother. Turn your eyes of mercy towards all who invoke you, O Mother of love. Your most sweet face has enchanted so many generation. It has been a comfort of so many afflicted and gives me confidence that my prayer will surely be heard. Many evils afflict us in this valley of tears. Deliver us from all harm, relieve us of our sufferings and grant us the favor which we ask. You, who after a most Holy life, was assumed into Heaven body and soul, and crowned Queen of the Universe and Mediatrix of all Graces, grant us eternal salvation. Amen