January 16, 2019

Remembering the Kings of the Two Sicilies

Coin with portrait of HM King Francesco II di Borbone
Photos by New York Scugnizzo
Last September, I had the good fortune of viewing a few pieces of my friend John’s impressive collection of Duosiciliano and Neapolitan Bourbon memorabilia. I meant to share the photos in intervals, saving those of King Ferdinando I and King Ferdinando II di Borbone for the anniversary of their shared birthdays on January 12th, but I just plumb forgot. Of the opinion that it is better to do something late than never at all, I’m posting them belatedly, together with a coin bearing King Francesco II di Borbone's portrait on His Magesty's birthday.
Lithograph of the statue of HM Ferdinando I sculpted by Antonio Canova 
Bust and portrait of HM Ferdinando II
Medal and coin with the portrait of HM Ferdinando II
Wall reliefs with the profiles of TM Maria Theresa and Ferdinando II 
Portraits of TM Ferdinando II and Maria Theresa