February 19, 2018

Comitati delle Due Sicilie USA Mark Day of Remembrance for the Fallen of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

For Immediate Release: New York - 13 February 2018
The members and friends of the CDS USA on this Day of Memory of the Fallen of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies remember all of the victims of the Risorgimento and the many sacrifices and suffering the Duosiciliani endured since 1860 up until our times. By now for twenty years with pride and love for our ancestral land we have been fighting abroad for the dignity of our people. From the United States, where the Two Sicilies under HM Ferdinando I opened the first embassy of an Italian state and a large consular network from New York, Boston, and Washington to Savannah, Mobile and New Orleans, we are proud to launch programs to spread awareness of our history and of our culture.
The members and friends of the CDS USA likewise express their living solidarity with all of our dear countrymen of the Two Sicilies Diaspora spread throughout the world, and in a particular manner we second the sentiments expressed by Fiore Marro during his intervention at the «Eccellenze di Napoli» conference held on 8 February.  More than ever we need a solid and firm unity based on our historic identity, not on political programs and slogans of a false patriotism. The fact that yet again politicians coming from other latitudes, the bearers and continuation of failed and inapplicable ideologies and the supporters of historiographies based on the empty propaganda of yesterday come seeking collaborations, thrusts us further towards our own.
We observe such nervous and frenetic behaviors on the part of the politicians as good news. We are winning. The more they seek to denigrate our movement, the more they court our votes, the more they send fake and corrupt scholars to challenge and attack our publications, the more it becomes evident that they feel threatened.  And rightfully so: we gave ourselves back our identity. Today we are many, in many countries, in many sectors.  And we make ourselves heard. We abroad are the living proof that the Risorgimento experiment not only failed (after the creation of Italy we left by the millions, from North to South), but that the thesis according to which, we had and still need a so-called civilizing mission to show us the way is a false premise.  As soon as we remove the «Italian» superstructure we execute important projects.  It stands out that abroad we are the most economically powerful and culturally relevant «Italians». We generate jobs, create works of art, carry out engagements at banks and multinationals, conduct scientific research, and we import the greater part of Italian products (including those of the North). Nonetheless, we want to live with dignity at home, reunited with our families.
We wish for a new phase of undertakings, development, commerce and cultural production, worthy of our people and of our best traditions. Such a phase shall commence based on our strong identity. We shall overcome every obstacle, together, shoulder to shoulder, in the spirit of true brotherhood, our own, under our true and only Flag. We must bypass Rome, Milan, Turin and similar places, and go directly to the markets of New York, London, Berlin and Tokyo to make ourselves heard and to make ourselves rise to the place that our ancient civilization merits, without any mediation and no intervention on the part of those who do not have our interests at heart. The more we frequent each other, and exchange ideas and experiences, the more business we do among each other, the further we will go.  We assume full responsibility to protect our interests.  We don’t need the presumed help of third parties and we shall exercise our rights and demonstrate our capacities to the world.  All we need is our unity.  Therefore we invite all those who love our people to join with us and bring forward the work already begun by our ancestors right after the fall of the Kingdom.
A fraternal embrace to our dear brothers and sisters spread throughout the world. We are always with you. Honor to the resistants. We shall see each other in Gaeta!

Comitati delle Due Sicilie USA