October 7, 2017

Acqua Restaurant and Wine Bar Fall Party

Chef Marrone shucking oysters
Back from his recent trip to Napoli, executive chef Giuseppe Marrone and his crack staff celebrated the change of seasons with a roisterous party at Acqua Restaurant and Wine Bar (21 Peck Slip) in Downtown Manhattan’s renowned Seaport District. Packed to the gills, revelers enjoyed the potent drinks, live music (by Roberto Iriti Jit and Robin Daniel Grasso) and, of course, the complimentary food served up by our most gracious host. 
With much anticipation, Giuseppe unveiled the restaurant’s new pristine raw bar, packed with fresh lobster, shrimp, oysters and more. Guests were treated to an assortment of oceanic delicacies and southern Italian specialties, including arancini, pizza and Giuseppe’s take on pasta e patate con provola affumicata nella forma di parmigiana, pasta, potato and smoked provola served in a giant cheese wheel. As always, everything was phenomenal! 
My prediction that Chef Marrone would take Acqua to new heights is clearly coming to pass. Admittedly, knowing Giuseppe’s passion and professionalism this deduction didn’t require any extrasensory perception on my part. In fact, while mingling with partygoers, it became crystal clear to me that I was not alone in my admiration for this gifted young man. Everyone spoke glowingly of him, not just as a restaurateur but, more importantly, as a man. 
If you’re looking for a down to earth southern Italian eatery, with delicious food, unpretentious and friendly atmosphere then I highly recommend Acqua. It is one of my favorite haunts and with Giuseppe at the helm, it will be for years to come.
Packed to the gills, revelers spill into the streets to enjoy the cool night air
Partygoers had a great time
Giuseppe serving up some delicious pasta
A neobriganti hotspot, my confrères and I
nicknamed the restaurant “The Brigands’ Roost”
ACQUA Restaurant & Wine Bar ★★★★★
21 Peck Slip @ Water Street
New York, New York 10038
Tel 212.349.4433

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