June 5, 2017

In the News

Reprinted from the June 2017 Craco Society Bulletin
Dr. Patrick R Colabella, CPA Ed.D, a founding member and active supporter of the Society, had his recently published book, How to Get Rid of Socialism get some very high level attention. 
The book which lays out Colabella’s innovative ideas for replacing the income tax with an automated transaction tax system, got him an invitation to the White House. 
On June 6th he will participate in a meeting to discuss tax reform with the Secretary of the Treasury, President Trump and Vice-President Pence. 
Pat is a CPA and an associate professor of accounting and taxation at St John’s University in New York and the chair of the Global Institute for Taxation. He is a recognized expert and advocate of fundamental tax reform and has made presentations before congressional committees on taxation reform in Washington DC and has contributed to the President's Tax Consultative Task Force in 2004. His body of work in tax reform extends to the governments of South Korea and Australia. He has appeared on numerous news and radio programs and served as a CBS Tax Tips expert. 
In 2016 he spent a semester in Rome teaching and also maintains a private practice in Brooklyn, Colabella & Company LLP. 
Read more about the book or order a copy from the website that Pat maintains: How To Get Rid of Socialism