December 1, 2016

Celebrating the Feast of San Giacomo della Marca at Ribalta

Showing off our Due Sicilie Pride
Photos by New York Scugnizzo
My confratelli and I broke bread at Ribalta, one of NYC’s best Neapolitan pizzeria restaurants, Monday afternoon for a celebratory meal in honor of the Feast of San Giacomo della Marca (St. James of the Marches), one of Naples’ numerous co-patrons. 
Not that our appetites needed stimulation, but before being seated we kicked off our meal with the customary aperitivo ritual by the bar. I don’t usually imbibe hard alcohol for lunch, but the chill in the air put me in the mood for a cocktail. Thanks to a former sweetheart from the American south, I acquired a taste for Kentucky bourbon, so I nursed a double Maker's Mark® neat.
Warmed up, we were seated just in time for the NapoliSassuolo match. As it happens, Ribalta is also the home of Napoli Club NYC so we had the opportunity to watch the game on their large projection screen while enjoying a variety of classic Neapolitan specialties, including Pizza Margherita, Gnocchi alla Sorrentina and Paccheri alla Genovese
Thanks to the cheerful company and delicious food, the disappointing 1-1 draw didn’t dampen our spirits and the merriment continued well into the evening. 
A hospitable proprietor and generous host, Rosario treated our jovial party to an array of desserts and espresso, perfectly capping off our celebration. As always, it was an honor and a privilege to celebrate our faith and culture with such dear friends. Forza Napoli Sempre! Evviva San Giacomo!
Paccheri alla Genovese
Gnocchi alla Sorrentina
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