November 2, 2016

Hanging With Patrizio Buanne in New York City’s Historic Little Italy

Patrizio approves Ernie's new merchandise 
We ran into multiplatinum recording artist Patrizio Buanne Saturday afternoon at E. Rossi & Co. (193 Grand St.) in NYC’s historic Little Italy. Just finishing his successful 2016 U.S. Tour, Patrizio was catching up with his old friend (and biggest supporter in the States) Ernie Rossi. 
Down-to-earth and unassuming, Patrizio took time from his busy schedule and joined us for lunch at Cafetal Social Club (285 Mott Street), a cozy little eatery with terrific food and a hardworking, friendly staff. 
Sated, we took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and leisurely strolled through the teeming neighborhood. Talking shop and admiring the bevy of beauties walking around in their Halloween costumes, it was fun watching him interact with fans who recognized him on the street. 
Eventually stopping by Margherita NYC (197 Grand St.), we capped off the evening with a couple of beers, thus reminding me that, while the great crooner is ethnic Neapolitan, he was born in Austria and is an Austrian citizen. Our people can be found in a great many places, but our roots remain the same. 
Cafetal manager Gina Guglielmo was a most gracious host 
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