April 6, 2015

Pasquetta – Little Easter 2015

Frittata di Maccheroni alla Napoletana
This Easter Monday (Pasquetta) I was pleasantly surprised when a friend of mine was able to join me for a relaxing picnic in the park. Unlike our brothers and sisters in Europe, we here in America do not get the holiday off. Customarily we would be taking a trip with family and friends to the countryside, but we kept the tradition as best we could.

After packing lunch, we travelled to Prospect Park in Brooklyn in commemoration of the risen Christ's meeting (and subsequent dinner) with disciples on the road to Emmaus, a small town outside Jerusalem. She brought a few leftover goodies from Sunday's dinner and I contributed my proud attempt at Frittata di Maccheroni alla Napoletana, a traditional Neapolitan dish made with spaghetti, ham, cheese and eggs.

Stuffed and well rested, we decided to take a stroll through the park to help walk off the lethargy. Far from scenic Via Caracciolo in Naples or the English-style Gardens at the Reggia di Caserta, Prospect Park offered us a terrific alternative. Naturally, we visited a few of the many landmarks and attractions the park has to offer, including The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Arch and The Horse Tamers monument, sculptor Frederick MacMonnies tribute to the Dioscuri, Castor and Pollux.  
We relaxed and enjoyed our bucolic surroundings, we enjoyed a delicious meal, and (most importantly) we enjoyed each others company. I hope next year other friends will join us. Buona Pasquetta!