December 2, 2012

Antonio Caruso Featured at Knights of Columbus Museum's 'Joyeux Noël: Christmas in Canada'

Nativity: (L-R) Shepherd with Sheep and Fruit (tiglio pine),
Holy Family (tiglio pine), Shepherd with Sheep (cirmolo pine)
and Young Boy With Camel (tiglio pine)
Last Sunday while in New Haven, Connecticut we stopped by the Knights of Columbus Museum (One State Street, New Haven, CT 06511), and to our surprise saw several exquisite pieces by Calabrian born artist Antonio Caruso in their current exhibit 'Joyeux Noël: Christmas in Canada.'

Antonio Caruso is considered by many to be one of the leading artists in Canada. He is a painter as well as a sculptor and his art was selected by the Canadian Post for a series of Christmas postage stamps. He is also the creator of the innovative art technique called frescografia.

'Joyeux Noël: Christmas in Canada' will run through February 3, 2013.
(L-R) Shepherd with Sheep and Fruit (tiglio pine)
and Shepherd with Sheep (cirmolo pine)
(L-R)  Madonna Carving in Progress (cirmolo Pine), Baby Jesus (tiglio pine) and Madonna and Child (cirmolo pine and colored ivory white)
Nativity: 25 hand carved figures made from tiglio pine 
(L-R) Pifferari and zampognari (tiglio pine) 
(L-R) Shepherd and Contadini (tiglio pine)
(Photos by New York Scugnizzo)