October 15, 2012

Pix from the 113th Annual Feast of Saint Gerard Maiella in Newark, New Jersey

Viva San Gerardo, patron of motherhood!
(Photos by New York Scugnizzo)
A look at yesterday's Feast of Saint Gerard Maiella at Saint Lucy's Church in Newark, New Jersey.

Throngs of devotees gathered at Saint Lucy's Church to venerate the Saint
To the crowds delight, St. Gerard emerges from the church 
The Saint is draped with 'blankets' of money 
A look inside beautiful Saint Lucy's Church, National Shrine to Saint Gerard 
Saint Gerard in Heavenly Glory by Gonippo Raggi.
Mural on the apse in Saint Gerard's Chapel
One of several paintings by Raggi depicting the life of the Saint
Inside the Chapel 
Next door to the church, displaying tons of historical memorabilia, is the Museum of the Old First Ward (in the basement of St. Lucy's Community Center)
Some badges and pins on display
Among the museum's many treasures is an authentic Neapolitan Presepio