November 18, 2015

I Giullari di Piazza to Perform "La Cantata Dei Pastori: A Neapolitan Renaissance Christmas Concert" at the Italian American Museum

A special fund raiser to celebrate I Giullari di Piazza's 35th anniversary

Tuesday, December 8th (8:00pm)

Italian American Museum
155 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10013

La Cantata Dei Pastori was written by A. Perrucci in the 16th century and re-written and directed by Alessandra Belloni in 1984, with music composed and arranged by John T. La Barbera. La Cantata dei Pastori has been a favorite in I Guillari's repertory for 20 years.

The evening includes: Food & refreshments, a raffle, a performance, and the honoring of those who have been our supporters throughout the years.

Featuring the Neapolitan singer/actor Giuseppe de Falco in the role of Razzullo (the Pulcinella character at the center of the story); Alessandra Belloni as Mary; Mark Mindek as the Angel Gabriel on stilts; Max McGuire as la Befana; dancer Francesca Silvano; Wilson Montuori on guitar; and violinist Joe Deninzon as the devil.

Reservations and more information

Tickets & Donations:
$60 general admission
$75-friend - includes a listing on the program
$100 –Angel - includes a program listing and a CD of your choice
$150 –Archangel- includes a program listing and Alessandra Belloni’s Book – Rhythm is the cure