June 7, 2019

Around the Web: Italian American Power Hour Travel Bureau presents “Secrets of the South”- An Insider’s Guide to a Once in a Lifetime Trip to Southern Italy

Ciao paisani! With Memorial Day come and gone, summer vacation season is upon us and on this week’s episode our Power Hour panel of Italian travel experts share some of their top-secret destinations, deals, and detours to give you an insider’s guide to your trips to Southern Italy.
With tips in all 7 regions of the South, find out which region is best for Donkey braciole and what’s Calabria’s best museum.  Identify alternatives to the over-crowded Amalfi Coast and discover “the Maldives of Italy”.  We’ll introduce you to Matera, Italy’s hottest new travel destination and reveal the city where a Greek temple still stands as a modern Catholic church.  Find out what town in Sicily has the best flea market and fish market and many more of our best recommendations for a chance to build your own Power Hour certified insider’s experience in Italy’s beautiful South.