June 27, 2018

Around the Web: The Castle of Sant’Aniceto (aka Santo Niceto) in Motta San Giovanni

Ruins of the Castle of Sant'Aniceto (Photo courtesy of Calabria: The Other Italy)
On a clear day, the Castle of Sant’Aniceto appears to float above the Strait of Messina as it basks in the glory of Mt. Etna. Breathtaking panoramas from the medieval fortress extend for miles in every direction. Many liken the castle’s irregular shape to a ship with the bow pointing inland to Calabria’s Aspromonte Mountains.
Castle of Sant’Aniceto, San Niceto, Santo Niceto...
The Castle of Sant’Aniceto’s origins lie in the history of its names, which can be confusing, as the fortification has been called by several. Historic documents mention Santo Nicito, Santo Niceto, Santo Nuceto and Santo Nocito. “Motta Sant’Aniceto” came along at the end of the 19th century, rather recently in the scheme of things, by way of a study of four mottes (a hill serving the site of a castle) in the area of Reggio Calabria. The name Sant’Aniceto caught on. Continue reading