April 4, 2018

Around the Web: Michele Pilla’s Forthcoming Novel “Goodbye Montaguto”

The plot of Michele Pilla’s forthcoming novel Goodbye Montaguto:
An ancient curse. A dark presence. A hostage country.
Montaguto, 1995: in the quiet village situated on the pleasant Irpine hills, on the border with Puglia, twelve kids live carefree the years of their adolescence until one night in the summer will turn into a terrible nightmare for them: one of them, Luigi Altieri, disappears without a trace. He will never be found.
Montaguto, 2010: two boys, Giovanni Fraiese and Roberto D'Elia, disappear into thin air. Their friend Stefano Cataldi immediately sets out on their trail. The few clues push him towards the "Cappella Maestri,” an ancient family tomb where there is an old and disturbing picture that depicts an engineer mysteriously dead in Toronto.
While Stefano struggles in the search for the two boys, helped by his childhood friends and a group of distant Montagutesi living in America, a mammoth landslide continues its rapid and inexorable descent to the railway track, swallowing the Statale 90 delle Puglie and bringing back to life a lugubrious story, dead and buried for four centuries, enclosed in an ancient proverb: "you can try to leave the country but it is the country that will never leave you.”
Everyone in Montaguto knows, but nobody can speak. In a race against time to save Roberto and Giovanni, traveling between dreams and reality, between past and present, Stefano and his friends will become witnesses of a terrible and frightening truth, hidden for so long, too long under the bare earth. A land that swallows everything in its path.
Watch the video trailer at www.youtube.com/watch?v=4J63kEJaWrY
For more information visit www.montaguto.com/goodbye or find Goodbye Montaguto on Facebook