February 17, 2017

“Beyond Caravaggio” Exhibit Opens at The National Gallery of Ireland

Sleeping Cupid by Giovanni Battista Caracciolo (b. Naples 1578–d. Naples 1635) 
Photo courtesy of www.artsy.net
February 11th – May 14th, 2017 | Beit Wing
Caravaggio is widely acknowledged as bringing a revolution to painting during the Baroque period with his dramatic use of light and uncompromising realism. His work had a long-lasting and wide-reaching influence across Europe. This exhibition brings together over 40 major works which will show the ways in which a large number of artists adopted Caravaggio’s ideas and developed them to become masters in their own right. 
Four major works by Caravaggio will take centre stage in the exhibition: The Supper at Emmaus, 1601 (National Gallery, London); The Taking of Christ, 1602 (National Gallery of Ireland), as well as two works never exhibited before in Ireland: Boy Bitten by a Lizard, 1594-95 (National Gallery, London) and Boy Peeling Fruit, c.1592 (The Royal Collection). These will be joined by other significant masterpieces from the work of the Caravaggisti
This exhibition is a unique collaboration between the National Gallery, London, the National Gallery of Ireland and the National Galleries of Scotland.  Many of the works in the show are on loan from private collections, and regional galleries, providing visitors with a rare opportunity to see works not easily available to the public. 
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Thank you Louise from Artsy for bringing this wonderful exhibit to our attention. For more information visit Artsy’s Beyond Caravaggio page, which showcases Caravaggio and artists he inspired.