September 28, 2016

Two Sicilies Pride at San Gennaro Feast

Ms. Rebekah Elliott from Oklahoma 
wearing her custom San Gennaro feast 
anniversary shirt, with the Bourbon 
Two Sicilies coat of arms. 
Photo courtesy of Cav. Charles Sant’Elia
While returning from the San Gennaro Votive Mass held at Most Precious Blood Church on September 24th, members of the Comitati Due Sicilie USA were passing by the historic store of E. Rossi & Co. on Grand Street when an elderly woman heard them speaking about the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. She approached and quickly called her daughter, who was shopping in the store for regional products. She explained she and her family were proudly of Sicilian and Neapolitan ancestry and had shirts with the Bourbon crest made for the family members in order to honor their family by displaying the symbols of "where they really came from.” The daughter proudly showed the group her shirt and her San Gennaro necklace. This spontaneous show of Two Sicilies identity pride moved the CDS members and several Neapolitans who were in the vicinity, who told the young lady that HRH the Princess of the Two Sicilies had just worn a Napoli soccer shirt with the crest during the San Gennaro festivities in Naples that week.