June 16, 2016

La Festa dei Gigli Presented by Stephanie Trudeau

Detail of giglio in Nola showing San Paolino
Thursday, June 23rd (6:30PM)

Italian American Museum
155 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10013

Film - Memory of the Dancing Lily by Joe DeRise and Angelo Januzzi

Fullbright Scholar Stephanie Trudeau will compare and contrast the celebration of the Festa Dei Gigli as celebrated in Nola, Italy and in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The Festa dei Gigli honors St. Paolino who rescued the men of his town from slavery by the Saracens. When St. Paolino and the Nolani returned home, they were greeted by the town women bearing bouquets of lilies (gigli). The feast celebrates suffering, rejoicing and survival. Papier-mâché is the art form used to create ornately sculpted facades for the eight 85-foot towers - the gigli - carried on the shoulders of men through the streets of Nola to celebrate the Festa dei Gigli.

Suggested donation of $10 per person