April 10, 2015

Crowd Turns Out For Montedoro

Photo Courtesy of the Craco Society
Reprinted from the April 2015 Craco Society Bulletin  
“Montedoro” the film made its World Premiere at the Atlanta Film Festival and was greeted with a warm turnout. Film maker Antonello Faretta and a dedicated team from Noeltan Film Studio, enjoyed the attention given to the movie. 
Lena Camperlengo, a Craco Society Director serving as the host, opened the event with a heartfelt introduction saying, “It started with a dream. Montedoro called to a hermit; some say he was a monk. This man came to live on the hillside to escape the wars and conflicts of men below and devote his attention to spiritual matters. It started with a mother's heartbroken choice to send her daughter to America for a future she could not provide in the hillside town. But Craco called the daughter home. It started with a water leak. In a water system meant to improve the lives of the people of Craco. Instead, it undermined the geology and caused a landslide. The town now sits abandoned. The landslide swept away half the town and its cultural heritage. It started with 5 curious amateur genealogists eager to reclaim their families' heritage. Forming the Craco Society they have grown into more than 400 sons and daughters of Craco scattered around the world. It started with a dream. A vision held by Antonello, Adriana and Pia to tell the story of a place that continues to call us home.” 
Craco Society Director Lena Camperlengo (Center) with Antonello Faretta and Adriana Bruno from Noeltan Films at the after party
Faretta and Society member Pia Marie Mann, who is the star, were hosted at a promotional event after the showing by The Craco Society using grant funds awarded by the Basilicata Regional Authority. The Society was also the sponsoring host at the Premiere. 
The film addresses a question about identity and roots, that Faretta portrays by drawing on the story of Pia Marie Mann who was born in Craco and adopted as a four year old by a family in New York. She returned 59 years later to find her birth mother. Using that story as the background, Faretta adds the effort by Craco’s community to reconstruct its identity and his own questions about his identity. 
The Society assisted in the production by providing historic material and photographs that appear in the film and sponsoring the Atlanta showing.