April 12, 2015

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Curiosities: The Easter Hand at Calabria the Other Italy
The Easter Hand of Rutilio Benincasa
Courtesy of Calabria the Other Italy
We’ve all read our horoscopes whether or not we actually believe in them. Could there really be something to the positioning of the stars, the alignment of the planets, the lunar cycle? Nowadays we have so many facts at our fingertips, but are we any closer to understanding where the individual fits in with the tides or the cosmos? Continue reading

Cimaruta pendant
A Word About the Cimaruta at Naples: Life, Death & Miracles
In 1897 E. Neville-Rolfe published Naples in the Nineties, a delightful account of the city of the period. At a certain point in talking about local traditions, he writes:
We are now in a position to consider the Cimaruta, a charm still made for and worn by the infants of the labouring classes. Years ago the use of these charms prevailed in the higher classes of society, and they were then more elaborately constructed, being made with more emblems, thicker metal, and superior workmanship. The charm itself is known by the name of cimaruta, a Neapolitan word signifying a “sprig of rue.”
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