August 4, 2013

The 124th Annual Feast of San Rocco, New York, NY

Viva San Rocco!
The 124th Feast of San Rocco in Manhattan will be celebrated by the San Rocco Society of Potenza on Sunday August 18th.  This long held tradition was started on the Lower East Side of New York by immigrants from the town of  Potenza. It is well documented by photographs that go back to Jacob Riis in the late 1880s and includes being part of the Godfather movie series.  Many Italians living in the area passionately supported the feast celebration for years. Today the event draws participants from Canada and the Tri-state region surrounding New York City.   
Historically, many men who came from Potenza bore the name Rocco, as a devotion for the town’s patron saint just as many from Craco were called Vincenzo.  (Girls from Craco tended to be given Stella as a name in honor of the town’s devotion to the Madonna della Stella.) 

This year the San Rocco Society will continue the traditional celebration with a Mass, procession through Little Italy, and a party after the procession. The schedule is as follows:

• Noon—High Mass at St. Joseph’s Church, 5 Monroe St, Manhattan 
• 1:30pm—procession through Little Italy 
• 6pm—refreshments, entertainment, raffle drawing, St. Joseph’s Church Hall, 5 Monroe St., Manhattan 

Visit the San Rocco Society’s website or Facebook page for more information. As the only fund raising event for this organization they rely heavily on support of donations.  Anyone unable to attend can send a donation to: 

The San Rocco Society 
c/o Stephen S. LaRocca, PLLC 
11 Broadway, Ste. 868 
Manhattan, NY 10004 

They are also holding a raffle with prizes of an IPad, dinner for two at DaNico Ristorante, and a gift certificate from DiPalo Foods.  For information about raffle tickets you can contact Stephen LaRocca’s office at (212) 785-8127. 

Reprinted from the August 2013 Craco Society Newsletter

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