May 2, 2012

Sixth Annual Crachesi Del Nord America Reunion

Kaaterskill Falls (Photo courtesy of The Craco Society)
The beautiful Kaaterskill Falls (shown above) which is on the road to the Villa Vosilla in Tannersville, NY is characteristic of the scenery that is the setting for the Society's 6th Annual Crachesi del Nord America Reunion. 

This year’s Reunion is designed to have members bring their families together and share experiences and stories about their family history. 

The venue at Villa Vosilla provides opportunities for all ages to find fun and entertainment while sharing the experience. 

And as always at the Reunion you’ll find good friends, connections to people and family you never knew about, and of course great food to share as we meet on Friday through Sunday, July 27-29. 

Start contacting your family, whether their members or not and make your plans with them to join the fun; and make sure to: 

Mark your calendars! 

Reprinted from the May 2012 Craco Society Newsletter