September 18, 2010

Clifton Dumps Columbus Day

Christopher Columbus in Central Park

by Jeronimo Suñol (1839-1902)
Photo by New York Scugnizzo

Recently the Clifton Board of Education (N.J.) decided to cease recognizing Columbus Day in order to make room for the Muslim holiday Eid ul-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan. He might not be a Southern Italian, but the achievement of the Genovese explorer was of such magnitude that it affected the course of human history, and should be remembered by all Americans.

Instead, Cristoforo Colombo is being brushed aside in order to accommodate the Muslim community. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have those holidays off, give them those days while the other kids review their work; however, I don’t see the need to change Western traditions to satisfy them. It seems that whenever we need to “make room” for something politically correct, part of our own traditions are made to suffer for it, and that shouldn’t be necessary.

This situation is yet another example of the warped views the West has developed. We’re either forcing foreign cultures upon our own people or trying to force foreign people to be like us. Neither concept is healthy. We also need to remember how democracy works, and if we resettle a million Muslims into a given region then they will begin to change the laws and traditions to reflect their own culture. They are not going to magically stop being themselves and start being like us, and most Westerners have no need or desire emulate them either.

Those few Westerners who do want to discard their own traditions and embrace foreign ones have plenty of places that they can go if they feel the need. Muslims have their own homelands with their own traditions, and they do not like it when outsiders move in and dictate to them. I don’t blame them, I don’t like when it is done to us either.

Submitted by Lucian.