June 20, 2010

Cleveland Museum of Art's new galleries include antiquities on loan from Italy

"Head of a Kore" (Cleveland.com)

Cleveland.com has published an announcement about the Cleveland Museum of Art's upcoming exhibit featuring artwork from Magna Graecia. The items will be on loan from the archaeological museums of Reggio Calabria and Paestum. The show, which will run for the next four years, will be a scaled down version of the museum's 2002 exhibit, said to be "the first large-scale show in the United States to explore the history of Magna Graecia, the Greek colonies in Sicily and Southern Italy." Please visit their website to read the whole story. [Ed.]

Cleveland Museum of Art's New galleries include antiquities on loan from Italy

By Steven Litt, The Plain Dealer

Ecco, as they say in Italy: Here it is. Italian cultural authorities have fulfilled a promise to lend a series of ancient artworks to the Cleveland Museum of Art, as if to thank the museum for having returned a batch of looted antiquities.

Last year, Italy convinced the museum that it had inadvertently acquired 13 antiquities that had been looted or handled by traffickers in recent decades. A 14th object, a Renaissance-era cross from a small town near Siena, had been stolen from a church.

The Cleveland museum sent all 14 objects back to Italy.

Italy eased the sting by offering to send the museum a series of antiquities on long-term loan, as if to refill the display cases emptied by the return of the other objects. The antiquities will be in Cleveland for four years. Continue reading

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